I can’t get over you…

I’ve been reading journals I wrote in Greece. This is really hard. All the little things bring me to tears because I miss it. So much. Reading about how I ate cherries. I haven’t had a cherry since. I can’t even remember what they taste like. This shouldn’t be a big deal. In fact, it’s not. But The Lord has placed Athens and more specifically the GrBC in Pikermi on my heart and I can’t get over it. I can’t get over the people, the idea behind why the college exists…I can’t get over the library or the sounds each morning or waking up without an alarm to the sun rising and the dogs barking and the church bells ringing. I can’t get over the morning walks that probably weren’t the smartest idea alone and without a cell phone or any way to protect myself but nonetheless were so life giving. I can’t get over the feeling of words overflowing at the end of each day…words that I wrote in journals and on this blog and sang to made up tunes on an untuned piano in the green chapel.

Greece, I can’t get over you. I try to surrender this to The Lord and yet I don’t think he is taking it from me. He doesn’t want me to get over it. It’s been 15 months and I’ve at least come to realize that much.

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Photo on 9-30-14 at 4.15 PMThis is me, excited about receiving a letter from  Alice, a child I sponsor in Rwanda. I decided to sponsor a child through Compassion along with a friend of mine (to lessen the financial burden) back in college. It was something I wanted to do back in high school, but without an income I knew it wasn’t possible. My income of $150/month in college wasn’t much better than nothing, but I figured if I could afford ridiculous amounts of chocolate then I could afford helping a child. This is one decision that I know the Lord had been pushing me to make for years, and it felt great to finally say “yes, I’ll do it.”

Fast forward 3 years–now it is October, 2014, and my income is more than $150/month but sponsoring a child is still a financial commitment. Still, I have never doubted this decision. In fact, I felt the Lord pushing me to make another bold move through Compassion–take on 3 more children.

Release3…this campaign encourages committed sponsors to take 3 new children’s names and seek sponsors for them. By sharing my story as a sponsor and praying daily for a month for these kids, Compassion believes we can expand our impact as a community of sponsors 3 times over. Dominic, Alwan, Sitlali–I’m rooting for you. I’m praying for you and your future sponsors, that they would step out in courage regardless of their financial situations. No one else is praying daily for Dominic, Alwan, and Sitlali. No one else is actively searching for sponsors–in fact, their names are not available to anyone else except through me this month. I don’t take this responsibility lightly, but I also know that the Lord is the one working in hearts, not me.

Bring them a family, Lord. These 3 kids deserve it more than I do.

To get involved, visit Compassion.com or let me know of your interest. Or just pray.


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918 Westview

You are like home because here I have cried, laughed, loved, smiled, kissed the Sexiest man I know, made dinner, taken baths, and read countless stories.

Yet I do not want to be here. It is clean, but feels empty.
Small but yet perfect for 1.
I am 1, but I look ahead to becoming 2 in 1.

It is my home, but not ours.
It is a glorified hotel room and storage unit.
Not a home.

Home, however, is not elsewhere. It is no place I have or ever will have. Home is with The Lord. By definition, not a place, but a relationship.

18 8th St.

You are like home a little, too.
I tell people I live here, but it is also a place I leave
just when I want to stay.
This is not a quality I associate with home.

Yet you are a place I have loved, laughed, cried, cleaned–
a place where I do laundry and dishes and check mail…home-y things.
You are a place perfect for 2.
I am almost 2, and yet I am still 1.

It is our home,
but not mine.
It is still an empty shell.
Not quite home.

So I dwell between “not a home” and “not quite home”…remembering past homes and dreaming of future ones, always striving to remember that home, by definition, is a place. And yet my home, by nature, is a relationship.

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the prayer in my head today

So…I can’t get this out of my head.

You are glorious.
You are glorious.
Be glorified in me.

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The sun sings

*I came across a video of a song I had been mulling over 3 years ago (September of 2011) when clearing out my old computer. Here are the lyrics:

The sun sings of your majesty
The mountains proclaim your glory
The grass cries of your holiness
The trees whisper your name

You are the maker of life
the author of every story
the artist behind each melody
the muse for everyone

You inspire poets, painters, and vocalists
players of all kinds of songs.
Every brush stroke and note is placed as such
cause you are the music in us.

*I’m not brave enough to share with the blog world what it sounds like, but there is a specific melody.

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I’m a teacher!

Okay, so I have been a teacher for a while. But now I have teaching experience. Totally different…maybe. Days 1 and  2 are under my belt and I feel….good. Happy. Still nervous. 

I probably still look like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off during the school day, but inside I feel good. I’ve had so much fun with these kids (5th grade students) and I can only hope this feeling lasts. I feel in control of my classroom and the kids, but I also know that they are having fun with me most of the time and they are working hard on all the assessments I’ve had to throw at them this first week. Tomorrow we finally start normal English, and the next day we (hopefully) start normal math. I cannot wait to get into a routine. We started a read aloud book, Rowan of Rin, which I read to 6th grade students last year during student teaching. I think my kids will love it–they voted to read it!

Highlights: seeing kids write “my new teacher” on the board of things they’re thankful for. Laughing with the kids over my name change come January. Eating lunch with other teachers. Trying to memorize names of the other 5th graders not in my class, and often using goofy mnemonic devices. 


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What’s a C-plan?

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.20.52 PM

I was hired for a full time teaching job back in March/April some time. But I didn’t feel like a teacher until this week. Here’s why:

I now have a teacher email address. And I get zz-staff emails about things like Iowa Core c-plans. Then I do my research in order to figure out what these are. And then I still email asking for help because I cannot figure it out alone.

I have labeled lockers, mailboxes, books, desks, binder tabs, and more in the last 3 days. I realized how snarky I was about alphabetical order when I put the lockers in no order and the mailboxes Z to A. I won’t even try to explain how I ordered names on desks :)

I have never met 19 kids but they are on my class list and I could not be any more excited than I already am to meet them. They each matter to me already.

I have felt more at home this week in school than out of it.

The school secretary may just be my new best friend. Or the tech guy. Or the head custodian. Or the superintendent. Or the business manager…

The work room is like Christmas in August–staplers, labels, tape, glue, paper, pencil sharpeners….all helping me stock my classroom.

I’m sure next week when all the teacher’s return it will be a whole new game. But for now, I feel more like a teacher than ever. Please pray that I would be a blessing to my students, their families, and the RV community as I embark on this new adventure.

Just some thoughts…..
Kiersten/AKA Ms. Van Wyhe/AKA Mrs. Sexe (depends on the paperwork what my name is at the school)

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