the prayer in my head today

So…I can’t get this out of my head.

You are glorious.
You are glorious.
Be glorified in me.

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The sun sings

*I came across a video of a song I had been mulling over 3 years ago (September of 2011) when clearing out my old computer. Here are the lyrics:

The sun sings of your majesty
The mountains proclaim your glory
The grass cries of your holiness
The trees whisper your name

You are the maker of life
the author of every story
the artist behind each melody
the muse for everyone

You inspire poets, painters, and vocalists
players of all kinds of songs.
Every brush stroke and note is placed as such
cause you are the music in us.

*I’m not brave enough to share with the blog world what it sounds like, but there is a specific melody.

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I’m a teacher!

Okay, so I have been a teacher for a while. But now I have teaching experience. Totally different…maybe. Days 1 and  2 are under my belt and I feel….good. Happy. Still nervous. 

I probably still look like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off during the school day, but inside I feel good. I’ve had so much fun with these kids (5th grade students) and I can only hope this feeling lasts. I feel in control of my classroom and the kids, but I also know that they are having fun with me most of the time and they are working hard on all the assessments I’ve had to throw at them this first week. Tomorrow we finally start normal English, and the next day we (hopefully) start normal math. I cannot wait to get into a routine. We started a read aloud book, Rowan of Rin, which I read to 6th grade students last year during student teaching. I think my kids will love it–they voted to read it!

Highlights: seeing kids write “my new teacher” on the board of things they’re thankful for. Laughing with the kids over my name change come January. Eating lunch with other teachers. Trying to memorize names of the other 5th graders not in my class, and often using goofy mnemonic devices. 


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What’s a C-plan?

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.20.52 PM

I was hired for a full time teaching job back in March/April some time. But I didn’t feel like a teacher until this week. Here’s why:

I now have a teacher email address. And I get zz-staff emails about things like Iowa Core c-plans. Then I do my research in order to figure out what these are. And then I still email asking for help because I cannot figure it out alone.

I have labeled lockers, mailboxes, books, desks, binder tabs, and more in the last 3 days. I realized how snarky I was about alphabetical order when I put the lockers in no order and the mailboxes Z to A. I won’t even try to explain how I ordered names on desks :)

I have never met 19 kids but they are on my class list and I could not be any more excited than I already am to meet them. They each matter to me already.

I have felt more at home this week in school than out of it.

The school secretary may just be my new best friend. Or the tech guy. Or the head custodian. Or the superintendent. Or the business manager…

The work room is like Christmas in August–staplers, labels, tape, glue, paper, pencil sharpeners….all helping me stock my classroom.

I’m sure next week when all the teacher’s return it will be a whole new game. But for now, I feel more like a teacher than ever. Please pray that I would be a blessing to my students, their families, and the RV community as I embark on this new adventure.

Just some thoughts…..
Kiersten/AKA Ms. Van Wyhe/AKA Mrs. Sexe (depends on the paperwork what my name is at the school)

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Obligatory Wedding Planning Post

Isn't this a fun winter idea?

Isn’t this a fun winter idea?

I have read dozens of “I’m planning a wedding and here is what has surprised me and I am exhausted and overwhelmed but excited to marry my love” posts in the last few years. I figure it’s my turn. Except lately I’ve been huge into list-making, so this post is also going to be written in list-form.

-caterer booked with a deposit to be mailed in tomorrow
-reception location booked
-first conversation with pastor scheduled for this week
-dress ready (I think)
-Nathan is always willing to help when and where he can in the planning. It’s not my day. It’s ours.
-my family is very supportive, as is Nathan’s
-I’m so in love with Nathan and cannot wait to be his wife.

-everything takes longer than it should
Example: “Just pick a caterer. They both sound good. Flip a coin” says Nathan. Kiersten then goes and emails the one that is picked. She then fills out the paperwork, prints it at work, sends it to the correct address after determining what 20% is for the deposit. Easy things, but they add up and make the process feel looonngg. And we are only having an 8 month engagement. I don’t think I could have done this for 18+ months like some people do.
-people have lots of conflicts around Christmas, which is when we are getting married (December 27)
-I’m not the greatest at decision making. I just want people to be happy.
-I’m not just planning a wedding. I’m preparing a classroom for the fall while managing a different classroom this summer.
-Nathan’s not just planning a wedding. He is preparing a classroom for the fall while managing a very full summer work schedule.
-my family is a long drive away during this process
-I really hate getting pictures taken or planning them, but I want a save the date. Someone should help me with this. If it’s not too late.

Bottom line (literally): I am pumped to get married to my fiancé. I’m not the best at wedding planning, and it’s not my favorite thing to do. But things are getting done, and I praise God for what has been “checked off the list” and for what is still to be completed.

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The Sky

I might have an obsession with the sky.

I hate headlights during night driving because they put a barrier between me and the stars.

I pause in awe of the double rainbows after a storm.

I see a purple sunset and all I want to do is look up forever.

I spent days of my childhood recording the pictures I saw in the clouds.

I might have an obsession with the sky. And, as a manifestation of the LORD’s glory, I’m okay with that.

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a clean piece of walnut

a family gathered together

a bottle of water timely delivered

salvaged Christmas ornaments

a crate of stuff to throw out

an empty basement

clean water

dry land


rainbows in the spray of the hose

a man who knows what’s happening

helping in times of need

a dry apartment

morning dawn after a long night far from home

a cleared road

the power of water

last minute successful shopping

clean dishes drying

real food after a stretch without it

smiles on the faces of those who hurt

tears in the faces of the vulnerable

close calls–because it means someone is okay



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