Book thoughts

So, it is a Monday morning, which often means I did homework last night until I was up way too late and then woke up just in the nic of time for class. But NOT this Monday. Last night I read two fun books, and woke up early enough that I’m going to tell you about them now and still have time to read some before class!

Book 1: Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Stowe)

You should probably check this one out at your local library. Or just buy it. Because it really is one of the first American best sellers and had a profound affect on the nation, plus it reads as a very good story! I need to do a project on this for class, but I call it fun reading because I enjoy it, and I could wait weeks to read it, but choose to do it now!

Book 2: A Community Called Taize (Santos)

I just began this, but I think I’m going to enjoy it. Nothing like learning about another culture and how they like to worship the King.

(Book 3: Purpose Driven Life (Warren))

I am reading a little of this each day along with my Sunday school class back home. The last two chapters were all about cultivating community, which is ironic if you know anything about Northwestern (it’s sort of our buzz word).

(Book 4: Brothers (Talbot)) 

Next book that I need to begin is all about the Kennedy Years in America. It came as a recommendation from a friend because it talks about the not-so-often-talked-about Cuba, a place I will be traveling to next March.


Just the ramblings of someone who has loved books for as long as she can remember….enjoy your Monday, and take some time to read.


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One Response to Book thoughts

  1. Erin Anderson says:

    You read my blog, I’ll read yours! I can’t wait to read your thoughts. Hopefully it’s not all about books, though 😉

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