“Absolutely” by Starfield

I’m really hooked on this song. It’s convicting, because I want these to be my feelings, but sometimes they aren’t. I love the Lord, my rock, I really do, but there is so much more I want for my relationship with Him.

“Jesus, You have me completely. Every breath that I breathe. I am absolutely in love with You.”

Praise and Worship Sunday night was all about seeing God as lover, and though I’ve considered this many times and generally don’t struggle with calling Him my intimate lover and spouse, I’m not sure I’ve allowed this truth to sink into me, and I definitely want to continue to fall deeper in love with my beautiful one. I want him to be my first and last thought each and every day, and as much as I wish this were the case now, it isn’t. Often my first thought is about avoiding waking up, and my last thought is about worries for the next day. Something I’m working on…

“Lover of my soul, I want to tell You only You have all of me.”
“No one is as lovely as You are…”

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One Response to “Absolutely” by Starfield

  1. Kiersten. I love this song SO MUCH. I literally listen to it every single night.
    I love this album of Starfield! It’s so rich and beautiful. Mmmm. =)
    You are awesome 🙂

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