Delightful moments

The last few days have been filled with delightful moments, and I want to share a few of them here, in a general way.
1. Shopping with my mom, even for just an hour or so.
2. Rocking my new 17 month old cousin to sleep.
3. Walking through a yard full of Christmas lights with my boyfriend and going to church with his family.
4. Doing all-campus rounds with the dozen or so people on campus who wanted to do something fun on a Friday night!
5. Talking about big life stuff and big questions of faith with a dear friend of mine tonight.
6. Trying to calm down amidst stress and laughing a lot with my early American Lit buddy.
7. Greeting people as they return to the dorms today after a break.
8. Giving and receiving hugs. Always.
9. Prayers and praises to the lover of my soul, my Beloved Lord and Savior, through silence, journaling, worship music…

And as I write this list I am thankful for the experiences, but even more thankful for the people I was with during each one. Here’s to the month of thankfulness!

Just some thoughts…

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