Staying Centered

The last few days have been…full. My wing and I are trying to avoid words like “stress” “finals” and “busy,” and so I have been trying to see the moments of joy as gifts, and the moments of feeling absolutely overwhelmed as learning moments. They are times when I have to very intentionally say “Lord, you have me. Give me faith to trust what you say, that your love is good. Your love is great.” They are moments that challenge me to breathe deeply and remember that it is all going to be okay. Moments when the typical coping method of writing everything that must be done in a list is not enough, because I already have the list in my mind, what I need to remember is the one who has control of the list.

So, I present to you my latest way of coping with days that are very full. In the 10 minute breaks between classes and meetings and various other obligations, I choose to give myself a few minutes of me-time and then take a few minutes to continue to pour into others. I think time-management experts would recommend using these little breaks to study, but I find that a better use of my time is to center myself emotionally and spiritually and check on how others are doing. I stop to sit and talk to Jesus, read a chapter of scripture or a word from Henri Nouwen, and then I walk down the hall and say hi to someone I know is struggling, or a friend I just haven’t talked to in a while. I have to remember to continue to pour into others, but also remember to open myself up to the overflowing cup of my Savior, and receive the grace and peace and joy he freely offers.

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