“Home is where the story begins.”






Many stories begin in different places. So do we each have many homes? I think yes. But in a sense only one true home, where our story of eternal life begins. These thoughts were sparked when I saw the above quote on pinterest, and saw the people around me gearing up for Christmas break (a chance to go HOME).

Moving 500 miles away from the only home I’d ever known the same year as the transition from high school to college was awful. I wrestled with feeling no sense of “home” for at least a year. I thought of myself as homeless, to be completely honest. Consequently, I made my home Orange City, IA, at Northwestern College. I established myself, because I needed to feel like I belonged somewhere–like I was known somewhere. And then every time break came and everyone counted down the days to go home, I struggled because I was torn. How could my home at NWC really be home if the people I shared it with felt like it was only a temporary resting place? These were my thoughts for most of Freshman year, and some of last year.

More recently, however, I’ve grounded myself in the truths spoken by Denver Moore in the book Same Kind of Different As Me. He says:

So in a way, we is all homeless – just workin our way toward home …this earth ain’t no final restin place.

I’ve more and more become comfortable with the idea that we have temporary homes here on earth, but home is more than just the place, more than just the people, more than the attitude I feel when I’m sitting “at home”–home is something we continually seek here on earth because our real home is in heaven, where we are reconciled to our Father and Creator. This is where the story began.

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