On the subject of writing….


I found this new blog and I don’t agree with some of the posts, but some are quite insightful. I like the post I linked above about writing and how powerful writing the truth can be, how healing. I’m not sure if this is true for everyone, but I know it to be true for me. I think that everyone needs to be heard, needs an outlet for their story, and writing is one way to do this…

I don’t write consistently, for myself, for others, or for this blog, but I write when I need to. I know that writing is one way that I can process my thoughts, one way I can test them to see if they still make sense when on paper (or screen!). Writing is also a way to remember, and I like being able to look back on what I wrote 3 months ago, 6 months ago, a year ago–and see what was on my mind, what my prayers were like, and overall just how I was, or perhaps WHO I was at that time. Because I know that I’m growing and changing every day…

So what to write? Well, my instinct is to write when I’m hurting, but I’ve discovered over the last year or so that it is wonderful to write when I’m really happy too, especially for the sake of remembering! I don’t want to just remember the sad, I also want to remember the joy and the blessings!

*Just for fun, I looked back 3 months ago in my writings and I was reminded about the idea someone brought to me that day about being engraved on the palm of the Father’s hand. What a beautiful idea, and one I don’t want to forget.

Maybe you are a writer…or not. But regardless, find a way to share your story, and find a way to remember. Just some thoughts…take ’em or leave ’em 🙂

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