Soul Care

Homework awaits but for the next few minutes I need to step back and think. I am bombarded with so many thoughts in this college life each day, so many perspectives….

This weekend I went on an SOS (Summer of Service) retreat. One of the many experiences we had was receiving a tour of a Hindu temple, and the opportunity to ask a Hindu anything we wanted to. Nina Mote was really knowledgeable, I learned about how inclusive Hinduism is, their ideas about doing good to others, and their idea of worshipping the tangible manifestations of one unifying God. Lots of good thoughts there, but I know that the freedom Galatians speaks of, freedom from the law and freedom to life in Christ is something that works and worship alone cannot provide.

This evening I praised the Lord in Christ Chapel at Northwestern with a body of believers a lot like myself. I began with a prayer walk through the space, and a plea to the Lord to accept our offering of worship, to abide with us, to give us knowledge of his presence and not simply feelings…but I left that space and had a few conversations that jolted me awake to the fact that God is so much bigger than Praise and Worship services. He is worshipped in the moaning of a mother losing her child, in the wheezing of a college student during a panic attack, in the laughter of an old man remembering his youth. He is worshipped when I take a spare moment to hug my neighbors in the dorm, to ask how they are, to pray for them…

He is glorified when we sing in many tongues:

Te amo, Dios. Te iubesc. I Jesu Namn-Abba, Ich liebe dich. I love you, papa.

My thoughts are jumbled tonight, but I know this to be true, that I know my Beloved, and He knows me, and we can work through the confusion together.

“But now that you know God–or rather are known by God–how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable principles? Do you wish to be enslaved ” -Galatians 4:9

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