“Peace is the emotion of faith.” Bam. Do I believe that? Something Google popped up with. First sentence. Maybe God telling me something? Hmm.

I like to think that my faith is a rock. Strong, reliable, steadfast. I ask big questions, I don’t pretend to understand everything or even much at all about my Lord and savior, but my faith is unwavering. I know He is faithful, and that’s all I need.

But peace? That’s not quite so straight forward for me. I’m the anxious one, the one who has to remind herself frequently that she is ‘called to peace’ (Col 3) and that the Lord blesses His people with peace (Psalm 29:11). Let’s just say, I don’t consider myself to be abounding in peace.

So how to reconcile the two things. Can I have a strong faith if I don’t feel peace? Maybe. I think the key word that hasn’t been mentioned yet is trust. Any thoughts? Leave a comment, I’d like to see what your response is to this “thinking out loud” kind of post (Oh wait, that’s all of them…)

Anyway, I think I may need to be a little more realistic when I look at my own faith, and realize that there is much I lack when it comes to my ability to trust the Lord in all things, to let go of fear and worry and abide in his peaceful presence daily. This is what I seek, this is what I earnestly desire, and this is what the Lord wanted to tell me today, a few moments ago, when I Googled “peace in the scriptures” on a whim.

Prince of peace, sar shalom, please guide me.

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One Response to Peace

  1. I right away thought about that part from one of my favorite Aaron Schust (sp) songs. “My hope is in you Lord, all the day long. The peace that passes understanding is my song…” So then I looked up what Bible verse that came from – Philippians 4:6-7. The Bible has to tell us not to be anxious which tells me that it’s in our human nature to be anxious. I think if we consciously pray, ask for help, and remember all that we have, God will give us peace if we let him. I’ve also felt very convicted the last 2 weeks to be joyful because of God’s hope (we read Romans 12 a few weeks ago), and I feel like when you’re not just tolerant of your situation but actually joyful because you have true hope in God’s plan for your life, that can give you peace also.

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