A Prayer

God, nights are hard for me. Realizing that I reach the end of a day and trying to process it. I seek out others, and they calm my anxious spirit, but the feeling that I wrestle with at night is not gone. The feeling that says I need you. Desperately. I feel empty. Full of burdens and heartache and joy, even. But empty of whatever it is that you fill me with that I then can use to pour into others. I was with others a lot today. Sometimes friend time is good, but requires a lot of intentionality. Sometimes friend time fills me up a little. Sometimes both.

But God, tonight I need to do some homework. Writing this paper is the next right thing for me, for You, for us. So be with me in it, fill me through it, give me the perseverance and motivation that I require. You, I desperately need. Come and be present. Fill me.

Your daughter. Lover. The one you fill daily.

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