Centering prayer tonight was a last minute decision, but I’m glad I went. I definitely had no ability to center my mind on the name of Jesus like I am “supposed” to during this time of meditative prayer, but I laid a lot of burdens at the foot of the cross and received an image of the following words, engraved in wood.

I wait

But the stillness isn’t the stillness I experienced this last week in Cuba, where my biggest stressor was whether the chips were fried bananas or fried plantains. This stillness would be wonderful to experience back home, but I’ve come to realize this isn’t going to happen any time soon living as a college student. The stillness I seek the Lord from is a place at the center of a spinning wheel where everything is motionless and makes sense. You see chaos all around, yet this is understood because you are resting at the center. THIS is the stillness I want to rest in when I read…

Be still and know that the great I AM is God.

I’m going to keep busy here, but I hope that in this chaos I rest in the Lord at the center of the spinning wheel.

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