SOS Story: Part 3

Time to continue the story…I met with Meggan and Pavlos over coffee and hot chocolate and chatted with them for a while about what it would look like for me to go work with them this coming summer. It was still so new and unbelievable to me, but I tried to think of good questions to ask. The key for me this summer was that I would be meeting a need, going where someone wanted help. In this case they needed help in their library: they were in over their head with books they didn’t have time to catalogue, and they had a few ideas of other ways to improve the library at the Greek Bible College they work with. I know that they don’t need me, but they invited me, and I am excited to go as a result. I left my meeting with them still completely unsure of whether or not to do this, and still thinking about opportunities to serve in Kansas City or Detroit this summer.

I went home over Christmas break, having just recently told my family of this developing possibility of a summer of service in Greece and thinking about all the options. On December 11th I received an email from the head of the internship in Kansas City (remember: this is the only reason I ever applied for an SOS!) telling me that he was unsure of the status of the internship this summer and that there was a chance that it would not be available, so he wanted to encourage me to pursue other options. If this wasn’t God closing a door, I don’t know what is. So I decided to talk to my family more about potentially going to Greece, and made the decision when I came back to school in January that Greece was what was best for me and for those I would be serving. I couldn’t be certain that this is “where God wanted me,” but I didn’t know, and I trusted that He would use me wherever I went, so long as I sought Him first.

So Greece is a plan. It would be another 4 months before I had plane tickets and another Northwestern student coming with me, and in that time there would be many ups and downs in terms of how I felt about the summer, but maybe those can be shared at a later date 🙂

Sharing His story and mine,

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