SOS update: Expecting to Break

sos prayer
I leave in 26 days. On June 2, I board a plane that will ultimately take me to Athens, Greece for 8 weeks. Last night we as a team of 18 students had a prayer meeting, and we each shared prayers on our hearts right now. For some, it’s just getting through finals strong before preparing for our experiences abroad. But each one had a unique way of thinking about this summer and where they fit into the Lord’s mission. As we prayed over each student, we lit candles and placed them on the map where they will be this summer.

Outside of the SOS team, everyone’s question is simply: Are you excited?

My answer: I really don’t know.

When I step back and think about it I am excited to go where I think I am called. But I also know that I will miss loved ones back here, and struggle with loneliness at times, and ultimately (if I’m honest) I expect to be broken. This has been the word I keep hearing, from those I am going to work with to former SOSers to staff/faculty/friends at Northwestern…everyone says that they expect this experience to break me. And I am excited, because I think that is what needs to happen in order to be further molded to the image of Christ. But realistically, I also know this isn’t going to be fun. In fact, it’s really going to be dreadful. Maybe. But who am I to assume I know? I may have an easy time on this journey, it’s a possibility, but it’s not what I expect.

Living in expectation (and wishing I could set expectations aside),

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