19 days and counting….

Kelsey and I head to Greece in 19 days.

If you are curious about where I’ll be living/working, check out http://www.grbc.gr, and when you see all the Greek, don’t worry! If you click on the American flag in the top left of the screen, everything magically turns to English. I’ll be mostly working in the library there with Meg and Pav.

My understanding is that the college is in or near Pikermi, a community outside of Athens in the Attiki area. I discovered today that Pikermi (pee-CARE-mee) is halfway between Athens and marathon (the place our 26 mile run is named after), making it about 13 miles outside of the center of Athens. Check out the pic below.


On another note, I almost have the Greek alphabet memorized (spoken and written). I feel like a Kindergartener, but that’s okay. I’ve also worked on a few words in Greek like please, thank you, hello, etc….we’ll see if they ever come in handy. (my fav: goodnight is kalinikta (call-ee-knee-kta)

I thought I would be more worried by now about this journey, but I’m really not. A few prayer requests:

1. For continued peace of mind as I prepare, making packing lists and researching.

2. For spiritual preparation, that I would be focusing even more on my relationship with the Lord than on the packing lists.

3. That I would be able to fully enjoy my time at home for a few weeks, resting and hanging out with my family, and not only focus on the weeks to come.

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