4 days! (till departure)

I leave in 4 days, early morning on Sunday the 2nd. My morning has been filled with searcing flight information and airline details. I range from very excited to very nervous depending on the hour. I have a small pile of things together, but otherwise haven’t begun packing.

On another note, I went on a 6 day roadtrip from Thursday through Tuesday to a wedding of a good friend in Northwest Iowa. I also stayed with friends and was able to see my sister in central Iowa. This was a great opportunity to say some last minute goodbyes for the summer before going into “Greece mode” as I call it, where I rarely go more than a few minutes without thinking about this coming journey.

Excited for:

-reading the letters of those who wrote encouragement for my trip

-seeing Meggan and Pavlos again, and getting to know them better

-finally beginning what has been talked about for months!

-letting go and letting God do whatever he wants with me in a new context.

Concerned about:

-Greek food


-missing my support system (family/friends/loved ones)

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2 Responses to 4 days! (till departure)

  1. Christa Curl says:

    I love how food is at the top of your concerns list. You made it in Austria and you will be just fine in Greece my friend. 🙂

  2. Charlotte says:

    Cuba too. I’m not worried about you and food at all. 🙂

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