We sorted hundreds, maybe thousands of books today. Not kidding. Arm and mind workout 🙂 We were clearing room for a bunch of donated (from a profesor, maybe?) books in the corner of the main library, which required moving OUT books that could be put elsewhere for now until we organize/process the new books. Here are a few highlights from the books we saw today:

1. Queer Commentary–a gay and a straight man, a lesbian and a straight woman, a Jew, Christian, and Agnostic all looked at the same few passages of scripture.

2. Lots of books on women’s issues–women in the Bible, in the Christian home, etc.

3. Books published by Kelsey’s relative, Richard Baker!

4. Books in English and in Greek (obviously) but also Hebrew and German.

5. Dark Treasures–a book that looks like it’s about pagan witchcraft kind of stuff…

6. Lots and lots of bibles…

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