Dust Covers

Our room has a few personal touches–clothes in the closet, toothbrush on the sink (we have two sinks, actually), grocery list on the board…but we now also have dust covers from books we sort to save or decorate with! We realized today that we are going to be getting rid of the dust covers on many of the donated books we are sorting through and eventually cataloguing, so we thought we would collect some of the interesting ones instead of throwing them all away. I have “The Treasure of the Copper Scroll” by John Marco Allegro, which is about “the opening and decipherment of the most mysterious of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a unique inventory of buried treasure” complete with 10 pictures and 31 line drawings! I also grabbed one called “Sacred Witness: Rape in the Hebrew Bible” by Susanne Scholz. It is a really neat looking cover, for one, and I’m sure the book is really interesting as well. Tag line: “A feminist reading of the Bible as sacred witness to a crime with a long history.”

I think this dust cover collection is definitely a good idea. And flat things are easy to bring back with me, right?

Notes from the day: We also met with one of Meg’s friends and two of her college interns for the summer who are here with Mission to the World this evening, after library work and helping in the kitchen for breakfast and lunch.

Prayer requests:

  • finding a good balance of work and rest
  • building friendships with the team from Fl here these next couple weeks
  • continued learning of the Greek language
  • for the children that we see trying to sell flowers on the streets in Athens…it’s hard to watch and wonder about their back story
  • that I would seek the Lord is all that I do, say, and think, and that he would be my strength, comfort, and counselor
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