Little Blessings

  • Spotify works here, and familiar music is quite calming (and free)
  • communicating with other SOSers via facebook chat and trying to remain a support system for each other around the world (side note: if you are praying for me, please also pray for the 17 others serving from Northwestern this summer)
  • donut happy hour from 7 to 8:30 down the street…donuts between 40 and 60 cents! and good conversations at the same time with the team of graduate students from Orlando here for a couple weeks
  • Sleep. I have had very little trouble sleeping here, even without my dozens of blankets and pillows I’m accustomed to. PTL
  • New friend Cathy who is here for a while helping in the kitchen while we are doing dishes most mornings and afternoons. She is from Omaha and her parents were missionaries here!
  • Nutella. We bought the cheap Greek version in the grocery store today, along with a few other snacks and essentials. Fairly inexpensive, and we did it all by ourselves! Hooray for mini-steps to summer independence!
  • Kelsey and I found a pet store near by. We are considering buying a pet fish, but we’ll keep you posted on that. In the mean time we have our plastic duck friend Nigel in the decorative well outside.
  • weekend plans to meet a friend who is here in Athens for the summer, hopefully we successfully make our way there with public transportation!

(forgive the poor punctuation/grammar/overall writing tonight, but I’m trying to be quick and I don’t think it will bother anyone too much 🙂 )

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One Response to Little Blessings

  1. Laura says:

    Kiersten, you would apologize for you grammar. Haha, I miss your little antics. Also I am praising the Lord for your decent sleep, what a blessing I am sure that is!

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