Coffee shops, Conversations, and Church

Oh, goodness. This morning seems like a long time ago. We helped with breakfast dishes (which is becoming a normal routine) and then we hopped on the 11 am bus to Athens to meet our friend Lindsey (who just graduated from Northwestern, was in Greece last summer, and is back). We stopped at the national library, which is connected to the University in Athens, checked out a plethora of coffee and pastry shops, meandered through the national gardens, and overall enjoyed being together for the afternoon. We came back to Pikermi (where we live) by 7:30. I think Kelsey and I would both agree that spending the day with Lindsey was a great blessing.

After supper I went to a mini church service the team here from Florida hosted in the chapel. Again, a huge blessing. Worshipping in community and hearing a great message about how this time in Greece is another chapter in the book of our lives and we must allow it to shape us, allow all the chapters of our lives (good and bad) to shape us, was wonderful. I also spent about half an hour playing the piano in the chapel after “church.” I found a hymnal to play out of and felt so restored by the good conversations and music that was part of my life today.

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