Andros Island + Please Pray

After a quick Skype date with my family at 5 am, I headed with the Florida team to Andros Island today. A 2 hour ferry followed by souvenir shops and beautiful beaches, and then the ferry back in time for supper. Back to the library starting tomorrow for the rest of the week, which I’m very excited for. I don’t know how I feel about taking 3 days (mostly) off from work, because I know I have more to give. Seeking balance, as always.

Today many loved ones around the world are on my mind. A few more SOSers from Northwestern leave/have left for their sites (Haiti, India) recently. I also received news that a friend of mine had a house fire in the States. Praise God the family is okay, but that is a huge tragedy for them. I feel filled with prayers, so I’m likely heading to the roof to talk to the Lord for a while before the sun goes down.

Take a minute to pray, παρακαλώ (pronounced parakaló, means please).

In Christ,


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