Another Day in Greece

Today was a good day. Kelsey and I washed and dried many dishes, alphabetized and recorded ISBNs for some of the 1,500 books in the donation, took naps, visited a new grocery store with cheaper prices, and bought a pet goldfish.


I also had many good conversations with the staff and visitors here at the college. I’m learning more and more about the blessings and hardships of life for people in Greece, both Greeks and immigrants. More than half of college graduates in this country find themselves unemployed, for example. At the same time, the Greek people enjoy a pace of life that I think is healthier, being more relaxed and having priorities that are quite different than our own as Americans. Maybe it goes with the amazing Mediterranean diet they brag makes them live so long.

Many prayers still heavy on the heart, but God is good. His faithfulness is not dimished by hard times, His love goes untouched by sorrow, and His grace abundatly overwhelms our confusion and doubt.

Until next time, Καληνύχτα! (pronounced kaliníkta, means good night)

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