Paint chip moments

Every day I record a moment I don’t want to forget on a paint chip, thanks to a friend who sent me with enough paint chips for the trip. I’m not sure today has one moment that stands out, which is actually really okay with me. I appreciate an “average” day, even in Greece. I’m not someone who really needs adventure every day to be at peace, filled with a sense of contentment and even joy.

Today was another day washing dishes in the kitchen with Tonya (like Tanya but the first syllable rhymes with comb) and recording book information in the library. It was another adventure to 40 cent donuts down the street after supper, and another day trying to find the elusive balance between kitchen and library work, between rest and work in general, between time alone with God and people time (which can also be with God), and between time writing to loved ones back home (online) and time being fully present here in Greece.

Before the week is out I want to take an early morning walk to the Orthodox church down the street and see if it is unlocked. Rumor has it they are only open in the morning.

That’s what is on my mind today, friends. Prayers for Kelsey and I, for others here at the Greek Bible College, and for other SOSers are much appreciated.

Ευχαριστώ. (efcharistó) Thank you.

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2 Responses to Paint chip moments

  1. I think that is also the greek word for grace and communion (fun fact!)

  2. Yes, I’ve heard something about that! Eucharist is the same word as efcharisto. The “eu” makes an ef/ev sound today…yeah, I think that’s so neat!

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