A Reflective Night

Below is the prayer that I have been repeating lots the last two days. This may give insight into what I’m feeling/thinking. I also went on a prayer walk to the Orthodox Church this morning when the bells rang at 7:15, but I wasn’t brave enough to go in. Next time.

Give us wisdom in how we act/speak/think.

Break me beautifully.

Mold me for your glory.

I trust you. I love you.

I’m in Greece. Some days I forget. Sometimes I wish I could be in the states so that I could pick up the phone and call loved ones, or drive to them and give them hugs. Sometimes I absolutely love being here and feeling helpful, gaining insight into a new culture, and learning about God’s kingdom around the world. Sometimes I hate the hungry stray dogs and cats, the begging children, the inefficiency and strikes so characteristic of this place…

But it really doesn’t matter how I feel about being here moment to moment, because this life isn’t about me. My story matters, and deserves to be told like any other story, but the world is so much greater than me.

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