Images (in words and pictures)

Today’s blog post is going to be filled with images described in words…because I can.

Image 1: On the metro on the way to Athens today Kelsey and I were sitting by a boy, maybe age 18, who looked a little intimidating with a pierced lip and a shaved head except the long hair in the middle in a ponytail. But what I can’t forget is his right leg and left arm that had scars that he (or someone else) clearly cut into his skin intentionally. A swastika and some numbers on his leg, Greek letters on his arm, and he would often rub his fingers over the scars. I was scared, I wanted to ask why, I viewed him as a kid who was hurting. I said nothing. And then he stood up to make room for an older woman to sit down. I had not even noticed that she wanted a seat. My own judgment shames me. This image scares me.

Image 2: Kelsey and I getting out of the subway at a new stop, Thisio, and having no idea where to go or what we are looking at, but loving the adventure of it J I guess we saw the Roman agora (from a distance), maybe the Acropolis from a new angle (?), and some other unnamed ruins. We are such educated tourists…;) I did have a map, though! It just wasn’t super useful…


Image 3: Kelsey and I walking through Carrefour planet (like Wal-Mart) and trying to decide if we should buy some bowls to decoupage, or some new soup to try, or some noodles that (according to the picture) may have cheese in them. Perhaps the elusive mac ‘n chees we have been searching for???

Image 4: I opened the door to the Orthodox church this morning, not knowing that there were people inside, but hoping it was unlocked. There were people, they looked at me with a questioning look, and I panicked. So I walked back out…but Kelsey and I did go in to another Orthodox church in Athens today where the door was wide open. Many people listening to the chanting that they do, some ladies kissing the icons, and others buying candles to light. All very foreign to us, but I try to see everything I can and take it all in, to ask questions from others later. Their reverence for a God that they see as so greatly “other” baffles us in many ways, but I wonder if there is something there that we so desperately lack in America…

Common sight: the top of a church with the cross

Common sight: the top of a church with the cross

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