The Fish’s Unofficial Name is Yogurt

I suppose I should update friends and family about this weekend, though it is almost midnight and it’s time for bed. Writing is good, though, and I feel ready to face the day when the previous one has already been processed and thought through.


Kelsey and I visited the Wal-mart like store and didn’t buy much, but looked around a lot. It’s 70 cents for each of us to take the bus there and only takes about 15 min. We basically check the bus schedule (it comes about every half hour, but different times depending on the day of the week and the time of day), buy our tickets at the kiosk down the street, flag down the bus when it comes and hop on. Then we hit the stop button when we see the store! Pretty simple now that we are used to the bus here (number 314).

Then we take the bus back here to drop off our small purchases, make some lunch, nap, and head to Athens around 4:30. We go to a new metro station, Thisio, and see some cool ruins and things, but don’t find what I was looking for—which was Philopappou Hill. I think we could have reached it if we came earlier in the day, but there were some gates that close at 4. Next time! We wandered a lot, Kelsey got coffee at an outdoor café, and we saw lots of Africans selling bags and watches and more….on our way back from Athens we came at a bad time and had to wait half an hour for a bus (typical for us) and then rode it most of the way back, getting off at a new place for fun called goody’s. It’s like McDonalds food but a fancier place…and Greek! So we ate there for a late supper before seeing our bus pass by and realizing we should have run out to catch it. Oh well! We waited another half hour for the next bus…and got back “home” at 10:45. Not too bad, since most Greeks don’t go to sleep before midnight!


We went to church with the hospitality lady at Abundant Life. This small church of 30 or so people was as international as the college, having Americans and Greeks and people from Russia and Greeks who are back from a few months in South Africa. I love it so much. The kingdom of God is not just a cultural thing or an American thing. The good news of Christ pervades so many places and peoples. Church started late, which is normal for Greece, and lasted a couple hours. All happened in Greek, but our friend did some translating for us. I love trying to sing the hymns, because I can sound out words (since I learned the Greek alphabet) but I am so slow at it that I always fall behind! I am working on it. We also were asked to sing a song…so we did. Never decline an opportunity has kind of been my philosophy while here, so we sang “I love you Lord” a few times.

The rest of the afternoon was just naps and writing and reading, but before the night was over we had a good chat with one of the women who lives and works here out on the roof, watching the sun set and the stars rise and exchanging lessons about our different cultures, even learning some Greek. God continues to bless us with friends and friendly acquaintances and safety and health, among other things. He is so good.

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