I love cherries

Recent discoveries:

  1. I love cherries. Who knew?
  2. Weaving a crown/wreath out of branches from an olive tree isn’t easy, but neither is it impossible. Olive tree wreaths also make good decorations, and great accessories for rooftop toga parties
  3. Age is not a great determiner of friendships. I’ve made friends with people aged 2 through 81 on this trip. It’s a great thing.
  4. My biggest temptation while here is to keep in touch with everyone I love in the States. This hinders relationships here, and is virtually impossible. I’m still keeping in touch with people, and I’d still LOVE to hear from you. At the same time, I’m trying not to seek out communication with others as much.

New Team: The Floridians are back home safely (praise God) and a new team from Alabama is here. There are about 10 of them, all different ages, and they come from Trinity church. They will be here for the next week or so, and getting to know them at breakfast has been a blessing.

New Library Work: We are barcoding and sorting through the back room full of books today, and probably for quite some time. I really like books, even the old dusty ones 🙂

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