I think I write too much and not enough.

I need to ramble for a sec: So, by now you probably all know (if you’ve read this blog much) that I like to write. A lot. Because I believe in the power of writing. And typically when I’m really trying to process experiences, beliefs, challenging life questions I write instinctively. But the last couple days I’ve felt like words don’t do the thoughts justice. My thoughts are “defying writing” as I (ironically) wrote in a journal. Writing about how I can’t write. My life feels very paradoxical these days.

Basically I experience “new” here a lot, which means lots of thinking. Even though life feels fairly normal, reading and sleeping and eating and serving/working, it’s somehow profoundly different. I want to keep people up to date on what’s happening here and how it’s impacting me but I am at a loss many days to describe it even to myself.

Less abstract updates:

  • Kelsey and I saw the acropolis museum last night on their fourth anniversary. A band came and played right in front of the museum also. A neat experience as the sun went down.
  • We stopped by a ministry that has established itself over time quite well in a neighborhood in Athens—reminds me of CCDA (http://www.ccda.org/about) a bit. They are in their month of festivals right now so almost every week day night they are doing things like face painting, having basketball tournaments, and just hanging out in the square. It’s beautiful. I hope to get a chance to stick around one of these nights and help (and learn and love…).
  •  Today Kelsey and I worked at a ministry that serves refugee women and children. Kelsey spent most of the time in the nursery, and I floated between there and the older kids area, teaching the English alphabet, making tambourines out of paper plates and beans, and listening to the story of the prodigal son in English and Farsi. Some of the women and children had faces full of joy, and many had faces that seemed lacking in hope. I got the most laughs when I tried to pronounce some of their names, and utterly failed. I could say so much and tell so many stories, but let’s just say that by the time we returned to the college around 4, we were tired. I actually caught myself falling asleep on the bus. Oops!

The Lord is good. He challenges us. He blesses us. He works through us. These things I know.

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