After our chill day Saturday, we were a little more active Sunday. We went to a different church (third Sunday at a new church), this time meeting Meg and Pav there. It was a great experience, as each Sunday has been. We had headsets with English translation of the sermon, and I have a new goal:

Be able to read and sing the words of hymns or praise songs in Greek.

I can sound out most words by now, but not quickly enough to sing along with most songs. We also were able to meet some of Meg’s and Pav’s friends and Pav’s parents while at church. (Amanda, if you are reading this, Pav’s dad remembers my name b/c it reminds him of the word for cherry in German—related to Kirsch).

After church we had lunch with friends and played a board game before heading to the beach! We successfully swam without getting sun burned, always a plus.

Our evening ended in downtown Athens, so to speak, near Monastiraki, where we had a great night and saw the “supermoon” over the Acropolis. Monday is Holy Spirit/Pentecost day so it is a bit of a holiday here. Some people are working, but many are not. We are taking a day mostly off, but will be back at the books for a full day tomorrow!

Praise God for great conversations with friends (both Greek and American), for safety and health, for opportunities to learn and serve and love.

Words on my heart lately: (from an SOS encouragement note) God loves Athens and makes his home here ever so much as he loves and dwells in Orange City or Springfield.

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