So many blessings

Every time I come back from Athens I fall asleep on the bus. Every time. Good thing I have Kelsey to keep watch while I snooze 🙂

Bus blessing: through a friend of a friend, kind of, Kelsey and I got free bus passes for the next couple days, saving us about 10 dollars

Helping Hands blessings: Today, we left the college early, took a 7:30 am bus, and met Lindsey at a metro station in Athens. She took us to Helping Hands and we were able to experience one of their many days of ministry to women and children who are refugees from the Middle East. I was treated like a jungle gym by a sweet little girl, who I’ll call Z here. I was also able to use my dishwashing skills in a new kitchen, and my ESL (English as a second language) experience to help an Afghan woman and teenager work on reading. I saw kingdom work happening, and was able to participate in it.

The blessing of a walk: I love walks, probably because I grew up going on them with my mom! I’ve gone on a few walks around Pikermi earlier this summer, but never as far as the walks these last two nights. A few days ago I went to an area I probably will not be returning to because of an encounter I had with a dog (note to self: carry a rock or stick with you next time), but I made it back safely and saw many beautiful homes and groves along the way. Last night we took a walk with some of our Greek friends to the home of one of the professors at the college. That was a joy because we had a home that welcomed us in when we reached our destination and because the view from the hills of Pindou (nearby) are gorgeous. At night you can see the airport lights, the stars…ah. Bliss.

Library blessings: Not only do I love working with books in the library, barcoding and sorting through the back room and just plain moving books where they need to go…I love finding interesting titles and covers and allowing myself *short* periods of distraction. Latest finds: The Satan Seller, My Heart Kneels Too (poems as prayers), How We Got Our Bible, and “The Unfailing Lighthouse in the Life of Mankind” (a book of quotes gathered by P.D. Vlachos, translated from Greek). This last one I even tried to find online to buy, but Amazon doesn’t have it. I’ll keep searching!

God is teaching me, molding me, using me. Praise his holy name.

p.s.- Did I mention that Yogurt the fish is still alive? I think that’s a blessing, and a bit of a miracle for a goldfish 😉

Please pray

1. For the new group arriving from Virginia, for the Alabama group heading home and for our friend Lindsey heading back to the States.

2. For our continued search for balance, trying to answer questions like “How much do we work? Where should we work? What even is work? (I think building relationships is a key part of our purpose here)

3. For the Greek Bible College and the other ministries we have been working with.

4. That I would seek the Lord with every breath, and that would be the priority. Solitude before community before ministry (Henri Nouwen).


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