NOT about Greece much…but some beautiful prayer poems :)

I found these in a book from the Bible College library a few days ago (The book: My Heart Kneels Too, by Carolyn Rhea, 1965)

Prayer is photosynthesis of the soul.

The prayerless life is pale and wan

Grown solely in the shade of self,

But in that life exposed to God each day

In fellowship of prayer

Spiritual photosynthesis takes place.

The chlorophyll of faith

Responds to the light of His presence,

Producing vital sustenance for the soul

Divine Restlessness

Water is driven by some strange yearing

To reach again the height

From whence it came.

My soul feels this yearning too;

For God created it to know discontent

With mere planes of Earth

And instilled this longing

To seek its rest in Him.

Through prayer, my restless soul

Reaches up to God.

“In Jesus’ Name” is not the Abra-ca-da-bra to

Unlock a Genie God inside the lamp of

Prayer and bring Him to my beck and call.

Rather, it brings me to God in the right relationship in prayer;

For it affirms my faith in Christ,

The Way—as Saviour

The Truth—as Teacher

The Life—as my Example

And reminds me that I must pray in harmony with this relationship.

It is this and even more.

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