Kelsey eats like a Greek man :)

It’s July 4th, and we celebrated by going to the zoo. There were nine of us (all Americans, two who married Greeks), so we had quite a blast talking to the parrots (in Greek, of course), trying to feed leaves to the funny looking birds, and overall enjoying each other’s company on this holiday. The only down side to the zoo: the African penguins were temporarily moved, so we couldn’t see them. The dolphin show made up for the missing penguins, though, and it’s something I’ve never experienced before! When we came back to the college we worked at the library for a few hours before falling asleep (a much-needed nap).

Pictures: flamingoes, dolphins, and Kelsey by Clara the cow


It’s been a good week wrapping up time with the Virginia group, working in the library during the day, hanging out with friends in the evening or helping with supper dishes, excercise…every day is different 🙂 (And by friends, I mean people I’ve met who are staying at the college for a day or a week or a month, neighbors, friends of friends…the list goes on. God’s children seem more united here than I’ve ever seen before.)

A few new friends (I won’t say names to maintain their privacy):

-the landscaper at the college from Azerbaijan (we finally figured out each other’s names today after seeing each other often over the last month, and it took a few tries but I can finally pronounce it decently :))

-a Scottish woman is staying here at the college for the next 3 weeks helping Hellenic Ministries, and sharing stories over meals is always a blessing, especially as the college quiets down


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