Weekend Report

Well, what to say about the last few days. Here are some highlights:

Friday I pulled off the hitch-hiker look by walking on the side of a busy road with a backpack on, trekking to a warehouse where bibles are being packed daily from 10 to 10 for Hellenic Ministries in their efforts to give every Greek home a New Testament (text and CD). I was able to chat with Elizabeth, a lovely woman from Chile who moved to Greece 40 years ago with her Greek husband, and another woman who was born in Canada and raised in Cyprus, in addition to a good chat with the Dutch couple I’ve met before. Another highlight from bible packing: a few of the young people that come to work at the bible college were there, and one of them translated part of the track for me from Greek to English, teaching me “God loves you” and “hope” in  Greek.

On the way back (I came back before dark, don’t worry), I stopped in a yet-unexplored bakery and bought a small ice cream cone. When I came up to the counter to pay, however, the woman wouldn’t take the money but spoke to me in Greek, laughed, and signaled for me to go! So I got free ice cream and will definitely recommend this bakery to anyone b/c I can’t forget that woman’s smile and sweet attitude.

Saturday we decided to finally trek up to the Acropolis (we’d only seen it from below prior to this), and then did some walking around the city center. We looked in souvenir shops and explored the neatest little store filled with pots and pans, jars and watering cans, vases and cooking supplies…ah, such an interesting place.

Today (Sunday) we ventured to an international church downtown where we had to introduce ourselves to the congregation—luckily everything happens in English here. The church was mostly filled with people from Asia and Africa, but also had some North Americans and Europeans. We had a nice lunch out with people from 3 other countries as well. If I haven’t said it enough, friends, God’s kingdom is great. It’s diverse and it’s joy-filled even in pain. Praising the Lord while seeing the Acropolis out the window (church was up 7 floors so we were eye level with it) and praying for an Iranian man whose wife is still in Iran and doesn’t know the Lord….this is the family I’m a part of. It transcends language, location, and culture all in our united effort to praise our king, Jesus Christ, the son of God.

  • Please pray for our Iranian brother in Christ and his wife, especially that she would come to know the Prince of Peace.
  • Praise God that though I wasn’t feeling well Saturday night, it was short-lived and it did not keep me from experiencing the international church today.
  • Praise God for the friends I’ve met here, for the stories I’ve been able to hear and be a part of, and for the many things the Lord is teaching me about myself, about Him, and about the Kingdom of God.
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