Adventure Day!

Some of these are more adventurous than others, but I love them all.

Adventure 1: IKEA breakfast and shopping with Kelsey, Helen (from the college, a Greek American), and Carol (from Scotland).

Adventure 2: Exploring the town of Marathon (the original marathon, yep) with these same wonderful ladies. We stopped at a museum and saw stuff that has been around for more than 4000 years, saw ancient tombs….it was neat.

(Marathon beach, below, is super important b/c the Athenians defended this place against the Persians back in the day. It kinda changed the course of history in Europe if I’m understanding things correctly. Also, believe it or not, I can actually read that museum sign in Greek.)

SAM_1617 SAM_1610 SAM_1608

Adventure 3: Board games with Meg and Pav and one of their friends at the college…neither Kelsey nor I win, but that’s okay. I learned some colors in Greek and had some good chats, which is much more important.

Adventure 4: Beach. Not normally a big event, but in this case it was because we happened upon a beach that was filled with rocks and, unfortunately for Kelsey, a sea urchin. So although I came out with only a few cuts on my hand and foot, Kelsey is soaking her sea urchin attacked foot in vinegar, and our room smells like a place to dye Easter eggs. I don’t mind at all, though, and it was a blessing that we were at the beach with Meg and Pav, who have a car, and we are blessed that it wasn’t a more serious injury. Please pray that the pain would go away quickly for Kelsey, though, and that the remaining spines would come out of her foot soon.

Adventure 5: Movie night. Always a joy 🙂

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