I finally watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

Sorry for the break in blogging, friends. Here are a few notes:
• Today is a day of strikes and protests in Greece (see news from livingingreece.gr below). It shouldn’t affect us, and this happens fairly often, but pray for the nation—for the unemployment, the unrest…
greek news july 16

• Kelsey’s foot still hasn’t fully healed from the sea urchin incident Saturday, so pray that the spines would come out of her foot soon so that she can be without pain and walk more easily.
We finished checking duplicates in the back room of the library yesterday, praise God! We still have plenty to do, and the job won’t end when we leave, but one more step has been completed and that’s exciting.
• Sunday was a wonderfully Greek day. We began at Meg and Pav’s church and then went to Pav’s parents’ house for lunch with his family. We had delicious Greek food and then went out for coffee (hot chocolate for me, the non-coffee drinker) with Pav’s brother. Chatting about life and faith and culture over coffee seems to be the thing to do here, so we did that until about 7 pm.

That’s all for now. We have 2 more weeks in this beautiful place, so I ask that you would pray for us to soak in everything about these days and be fully present here. When the time does come to leave, pray that the transition would go smoothly both physically (flights, health) and emotionally (I really don’t like transitions…).

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One Response to I finally watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

  1. Brittni Donahue says:

    Kiersten, I’ve loved reading about your trip and the things you’re experiencing/learning. I’m kind of jealous that you get to spend so much time with books. 😉 I hope the next two weeks go at exactly the right pace and that you’ll be able to collect even more memories. You’ll be in my prayers, friend.

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