It’s the little things

SAM_1657 SAM_1656 SAM_1653 SAM_1635 SAM_1628 SAM_1627

(The first pic was at a park near Meg’s home in Athens. Then a few of the many pics I took of the deer on Mount Parnitha Saturday…and some views from Filopappou Hill.)

So I just wrote this long post about all the things we saw and did over the last few days, and to be honest it was boring and I hated it. What I will remember about Greece is sometimes what I saw/did, but often it’s the little things. So here are some things I don’t want to forget:

  • chasing deer on Mount Parnitha
  • traditional taverna meal with friends
  • Jumbo–huge store: imagine Walmart and the Dollar store combined
  • the view from Filopappou Hill looking out over the Acropolis, the sea, and Athens in general
  • the sound of barking dogs and church bells in the morning
  • my favorite juice here: apple, orange, apricot nectar
  • singing praise songs in Greek, even if I don’t understand much of them
  • eating peaches without peeling them
  • outdoor movie in the park
  • stargazing alone or with friends
  • time on the roof with the Lord, thinking about life and love
  • meeting some neighbor girls our age Friday
  • ouzo flavored candy
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