Hello and goodbye

The last two days have held a few goodbyes of dear friends, but today was also a wonderful hello to a friend from earlier in the summer who has returned from vacation! It feels as if we are just starting to shift from the role of summer visitors to part of the team of people here at the bible college, but we are leaving soon. This a hard place to be, but a good place, too. It’s a place of learning and of remembering that home is nowhere on earth, only in the arms of our heavenly father. Since I came to terms with this a few years ago, I have always felt that although some places feel more like “home” than others based on where those people I love are, no place can hold every part of my heart. Therefore, I can love Greece and leave knowing that it’s okay. Not sure if this makes sense, but it’s my attempt at expressing my view of Greece, specifically the bible college, as not quite home but much more than a vacation spot.

(Below: Views from “the tall hill” as I call it. Others may call it Likavitos.)


notice the ruins in the middle of it all


Greece: the flag, a cross, and the olive tree with the sunset

SAM_1679 SAM_1661 SAM_1660 SAM_1673

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