3 Seemingly Unrelated Things

1. I realized this morning that over the last two months I’ve gotten so used to getting up without an alarm that I generally know what time it is (within half an hour) before I check my watch, simply based on how much light is coming in the window.

2. Questions I’m pondering as I prepare to leave: What have I learned about myself? How was Greece? What have I loved? What’s been challenging? Where have I seen God? How do I now see God differently? How have I changed? What’s changed that I want to keep or continue once I’ve returned? What is the kingdom of God, and how has my view of it changed?

3. A prayer: “Remain in me” you say. I say, “That’s what I want.” Let’s dwell together, beloved. Let’s dance through this transition together. I’m a bit clumsy, so lift me up over the bumps when you think it’s best, but let me struggle a bit so I learn to get better. You bring me such delight, Abba. Forgive me for losing faith and focus. I am so fallen, but I want to please you. I know your ways are higher. I am confident in your gift of abundant and eternal life.

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