This is that time when I tell you all that I’m safely home in Missouri, I miss Greece but am thankful for this place with family. It’s true, but at the moment I’m just sitting in my house a bit overwhelmed by life.

I’m thankful that we caught all of our flights, even with some short layovers.

I’m thankful for the conversations I had with people in each airport and plane.

I’m thankful for my family’s welcoming attitude. I came home to signs and cookies and a family that just wanted to be there for me.

I’m thankful that my luggage came safely, and the breakable things I brought back made it here successfully.

I’m thankful that I can use my phone again and in minutes hear the voices of those I love in the states, even if I’m not with them right now.

I’m thankful that I can use Spotify again, and be filled up with words of worship to my King.

I’m overwhelmed by the list of things to do before I go back to school in 11 days, beginning with unpacking and a shower. All the little things together start to feel weighty.

I’m overwhelmed by the fact that I won’t have fruit as fresh as that in Greece for a long time (most likely, anyway).

I’m overwhelmed by the fact that I said goodbye to so many close to my heart in the last week and don’t when, if ever, I’ll see them again.

I’m overwhelmed. I’m thankful.

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2 Responses to Home?

  1. Erin says:

    I speak on behalf of the entire country when I say it’s great to have you back, K! Yesterday, I saw this saying on the door of one of the women living at the shelter: “Life is hard by the yard, but a cinch by the inch.” Maybe that’s something helpful to think about in the midst of being overwhelmed! Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and process now that you’re home. Welcome back! Love, E.

  2. Pam says:

    Re-entry is always overwhelming—–especially when you have to do a million things before heading back to school/work. And your mind will be filled with Greece and many associations with it—–knowing that no one around you will be able to truly understand unless they were also there—-but also remembering what a privilege it has been to have that time in history to be there.

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