More thoughts on Re-Entry


Well, my posts regarding my summer in Greece are obviously winding down because I’m back to the States, but I want to add a few more thoughts on the returning process…

I thought that having 11 days to just be with my family (before returning to friends/boyfriend/college/work) would help me ease into American life again. I don’t know that I was wrong, because I do think this time has been good in that it forced me to slow down, continue to process what this summer has been, and overall rest. However, hearing from other summer servants who spent a day or two home before jumping into visiting friends, they seem to have had an easier time adjusting. I know that we all process differently, but it makes me reconsider my original idea. Maybe jumping back into the swing of things is the best way to re-enter. Or maybe it’s only easier because you don’t take the time to process things fully. There’s probably not a right or wrong answer, typical of this blog…

just some rambling thoughts by Kiersten.

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