Now am I home?

Nope,  just another place with people I love.

So in a way, we is all homeless – just workin our way toward home -Denver Moore

Today I moved back to college (in Northwest Iowa). One of many places I sometimes call home. And yet today I miss the shower whose head doesn’t attach to the wall. I miss the honeydew melon that drips it’s so juicy. I miss doing dishes for crazy American study abroad students. I miss hearing “kala?” and knowing that those people genuinely wanted to know if I was good, if I was content, happy, at peace, joyful. I miss the roof, and the sunset around 8:20 over the hills behind Pikermi. I miss BBC world news in British English. I miss the lack of air conditioning, the outdoor coffee shops. I miss getting to say goodnight in Romanian to the Moldovans, in Greek to the Greeks, in Spanish to the crazy Greeks who know Spanish, and in English to my fellow Americans serving abroad. I miss this place where I rarely felt alone. When I was not with people, I was in solitude. Not lonely.

But I’m also thankful for Missouri and Iowa sunsets. New flowers growing at home. Bunco night with the Southern Baptist church ladies. For e-mails that remind me to keep writing because you never know whose reading.  For exploring a new library with my boyfriend, and getting to spend some quality time with him. For my new craft project, a “starry night” bookshelf built by my papa. And the stars and the books remind me of that place I miss. That place halfway across the world where they end the alphabet with omega.


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