Consider the ravens

9.16.13 10:30 pm


1 month ago I was gearing up for a new school year.

2 months ago I was preparing to leave Greece.

3 months ago I was adjusting to Greece.

4 months ago I was transitioning from school to home with the family to Greece

5 months ago I was preparing for finals

6 months ago I was transitioning to life as a 21 year old

A year ago I was thinking about entering into a relationship (that happened :))

4 years ago I was dreaming of Northwestern, about to discover that home is more than a place by being moved out of my geographical comfort zone not once but twice in a year

Today I’m sitting in the curriculum library preparing to administer a reading assessment on a second grade girl tomorrow, as I begin a 15 session case study in a nearby school. I’m preparing a bible study for tomorrow night. I’m thinking about where and what is next after senior year.

And I’m ignoring pressing needs for sleep and fellowship in order to just be. To type a blog post in this present moment and not be consumed by the transitioning in and out of seasons, the preparing for and debriefing from experiences, and the worrying about the past and the future. I’m writing, and when I write I just am. In the present. Now.

To God be the glory forever.


Do not worry about your life. Consider the ravens. Luke 12

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