Student Teaching Stories

This week I experienced many unexpected moments in my student teaching experience (1st through 3rd grade developing readers). Here are just a few.

I’ve been called mom accidentally. That was fun 🙂

I’ve forgotten that “mare” is a word and told a kid that it doesn’t exist. My bad.

I’ve had former students in 8th grade shouting Miss Van Wyhe down the elementary school’s halls. I’m glad they remember me, but they can contain the enthusiasm a bit. It’s kindof embarrassing!

I’ve had a second grade student tell me that running records (a reading assessment) suck because I can’t talk to her as she reads. I guess I should be glad that she likes to talk with me and decode words together!

I’ve started a bell ringer and realized a minute into it that it was completely wrong and I had forgotten to change the words for the game. There was some shame here, but I know I learned from the experience, too.

I’ve been complimented on my calm, engaging manner of teaching–hooray! I am not a confident teacher, so this is quite encouraging.

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