Still thinking about Greece?

Part of me wishes I could say no to this question, but I can’t. I think about it a lot as I hear about those who are in Greece now serving, as I hear from friends there, and as I see a new group of NW students apply for the Summer of Service program. It’s more than simply thinking about this place that’s captured my heart, though, it’s a lot of talking about it. Talking about this summer abroad, the people I met, the ministries I worked with and learned about is something that I have done every week since I returned, and for whatever reason it is beginning to get harder for me to do. Emotionally, it is draining, and it feels like re-opening a wound.

So where is the unhealed wound? What’s festering?

I wish I knew. It could be the Lord trying to tell me something, it could be that I just miss this place and the people dearly, or it could be a combination of things including the fact that my life plans end in May and I have very little idea about what comes after graduation.

So I ask God to provide clarity, I keep talking with others who have experienced similar transitions, and I wait. If I know anything, it is that God is faithful. This may sound like a cop out, but it is a truth that I feel in the deepest part of me.

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