Thankful list….
1.I know, in a place more real and deep than any other part of me, that I am loved by my creator, cared for and challenged to grow by this awesome personal god. I know that I have one in whom I can place all my trust, love, and worship. He sent his son, Jesus, for me. He thought I was worth dying for. He sent His spirit to guide me, and knew that I’d need it. He forgives and provides grace like an ocean that washes over all of me. He is my God. I love you, YHWH, and am so thankful for you.
2.A boyfriend of nearly 14 months who seeks to glorify Christ, reminds me that I’m loved, makes me laugh, and is just generally a great guy. Nathan, you bring me such joy and I thank God for you often. 
3.Supportive roommates who double as dearly loved friends. I can’t imagine living with any other people at this point in my life.
4.Family who is always on my side: a mom is more like me than she may even know, a dad who puts up with my technology and car questions, a brother to be proud of, and a sister with whom I can be completely honest, and many others
5.Mentors at Northwestern from the campus ministry staff to Harold on the Phonathon team, lit and education professors…
6.Opportunities to grow in my own identity, passions and interests in a safe community focused on using all these things to the glory of Jesus’ name!
7.Students of all ages who have inspired me, pushed me to be a better educator, and have taught me so much over the last 3 ½ years, but especially this last semester.
8.Health that doesn’t hinder my thriving
9.Lots of clothes that keep me warm in this weather—and blankets.
10.My incredible access to books between the computer, libraries, school library and Inter-library loan, money, Nook, friends who loan them to me….these books play a part in shaping me into who I am.

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One Response to Thankful

  1. Erin says:

    Thankful for you, K!

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