Duck Dynasty

I am not going on Facebook again for at least 24 hours because conflict is stressful for me. But to get out my thoughts I will shamelessly put them here.

Jesus put aside his own desires and wants to die for the sin of humanity–to suffer.

Phil can say what he wants, we all know that, but we all know he also deals with consequences. The TV station can also do what they want, and they will reap the consequences. Our comments in support of or against either of them is not going to accomplish the task at hand: to worship the Lord our God.

My God came to earth to serve, and not be served.
I exist to serve, and not be served.

In other words, expending energy on this issue is just not worth it. We are in Advent, a season of anticipation for the coming of our King. Let’s dwell on that. Please. I also say this for myself, because it is so tempting to argue for what I see as reason.

It doesn’t help that I saw at least 4 Duck Dynasty displays in Bass Pro today, and am residing in a part of the country that idolizes this show at times. It would be easier if this were my only place and I could deal with one view, but many of my friends on the coasts or farther north even in Iowa think very differently than those here. It doesn’t matter so much what I think, because the conflict between these two groups is the problem. Beautiful people dwell in both places, people seeking God, but people (like myself) who are distracted by this issue and lose sight of the purpose of our existence: to glorify God.

These thoughts are not as organized as they perhaps should be, but I never promised that this blog would be filled with organized thoughts. They are simply my own, and that’s it.

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