6 months ago

Today–1.26.2014–Orange City, Iowa
6 months ago—July 26—Athens, Greece
I think I’m obsessed with time. I always want to look back on where I was then compared to now, so I continue. This may also be on my mind because I had a dream last night that I was showing friends around Athens and trying to teach them the transportation system by bringing them to Pikermi, to my home where I no longer live.

ANYWAY… July 26, 2013, I was quoting a song and exploring the idea of brokenness. I spent last spring anticipating brokennesss in my summer, but it didn’t come the way I expected. It came when I gave up trying to find rest in the love of friends and family (that I expected) but it also came when I gave up trying to sooth myself, trying to be self-sufficient. I couldn’t depend on others OR myself. I had to give up and lie in pieces at the foot of my Savior. So I wrote these lyrics, even though I’m not a song writer at all, which are set to a few different songs’ melodies. That’s not the point, but check out the words.

I am broken at your feet
Like an alabaster jar.
Once clay molded “perfectly”
Now just begging for someone

I am shattered in your midst,
Once whole now I wait for you.
Pick me up, Lord, piece by piece, like a puzzle,
Your love is the glue.

“You” not “I” is now the rule
Thanks to your unending grace
Kiersten now is formed anew
Running a much better race.

That other section I don’t have a name for:
But we will sing out Alleluia
And we will cry out Alleluia.
He is God
You are God.
Lord, I’m busted
Please restore me.
Lord, I’m beat up.
Please, restore my soul
You are God.

Shout it. Go on and scream it from the mountains.
Go on and tell it to the masses.
He is good.

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