Where I Stand

Most days I honestly do not know where I stand. I pretty much read blogs by those who defend the weak, those whose priority is to be a voice of love to the LGBTQ community, which means they are mostly Christians who believe in God’s full acceptance of this community. However, today I came across Jen Hatmaker (http://jenhatmaker.com/blog/2014/04/02/where-i-stand ). She proclaims where she stands with a love I have not witnessed in the conservative Christian community when it comes to discussions around this community. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate her honesty and the grace with which she speaks. Hatmaker believes homosexual relationships are outside God’s original design for his creation, but she still acts as a voice of love.

I do not know if I agree completely with Jen Hatmaker. I wrestle with where I stand almost daily, but I am happy to see that there are Christians who proclaim in love the beauty of homosexual relationships and there are Christians who proclaim in love that they do not see homosexuality as part of God’s design.

My uncertainty has led me to befriend and have good conversations with both “kinds” of Christians, if you can even call them that. We are all one, I hope, but you understand….

My uncertainty has led me to rarely share my heart on the issue. I would rather pull a “neutral” in this culture war, but I fear neutral means I participate in oppression:

Elie Wiesel — ‘We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.’

I do not want to be silent. But my heart doesn’t know what it thinks except that it wants to act and speak only out of love. God’s creation is beautiful in it’s diversity, and yet his Word is unclear (I believe) in what God’s design is for relationships in regards to gender. So I continue to seek The Lord and speak as he prompts.

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3 Responses to Where I Stand

  1. The Bible is very clear the homosexuality is wrong. It’s sin. I am not saying, however, homosexuals are not greater sinners than the rest of us…sin is sin and we all fall short of God’s perfect standard (Rom. 3:23). I do not hate you for lying, even though I hate the act of lying. Because lying is a sin, I would call you out on it. It’s the same with homosexuality. Again, I feel that the Bible is very clear: love the sinner, hate the sin (see Jude 22-23). Homosexuality spits in the face of God’s design for marriage between a man and a woman. You can love the homosexual, as you love the liar, but you cannot accept the practice of homosexuality as anything but sinful and contradictory to God.

  2. * CORRECTION: “I am not saying, however, that homosexuals are greater sinners than the rest of us…”

  3. Kier, thank you for sharing your heart, and for being willing to take some heat on a sensitive issue. Keep seeking love.

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