Am I ready?

Am I ready? That is a question I have spent significant time dwelling on lately.

Am I ready to graduate?

Am I ready to move forward in relationships?

Am I ready to be a teacher? To be responsible for a group of students?

Am I ready to start paying my own bills (especially paying COLLEGE LOANS…ugh)?

Am I ready to live on my own, which first requires finding my own place to live?

My answer from the Lord seems to be no, and yes. No, I am not ready. But yes, I am as ready as I could be. There is nothing more for me to do except trust the Lord, invest in others while taking care of myself, and focus on the 2 greatest commandments which can be summed up in 1 word…Love. Dwelling on this allows me to stay far from real anxiety and allows me to thrive in the In Between.

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