An eventful season of life

 I haven’t blogged so much in the last months. I haven’t written as much in general, and yet more has happened to me in the last 2 months than perhaps any other time of my life.


I’ll start with today. Today I paid off 40% of my student loans. That felt huge.


2 days ago my teaching license was approved and printed, now on its way to Rock Valley, IA.


3 ½ days ago I moved into my first apartment, and the next day was joined by my good friend Christa.


nwc4 days ago almost exactly I said ‘goodbye for now’ to so many friends, and I walked away from the most shaping place I’ve ever lived—Northwestern College.


4 days and 1 hour ago I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a literature minor and some other endorsements that basically tell the world “she’s ready to be a teacher, and she likes reading and writing”


7 days ago I greeted my good friend as she got off an airplane from Oman. I’d missed her glowing presence for a semester.


Back up 15 days and I completed all requirements for my undergraduate degree.


valentines date18 days ago I became engaged to the best man I know, Nathan Sexe. (I also signed a lease and got a new library card that day, but those are minor next to the promise of a life with someone I love.)


32 days ago the Sexe man I mentioned above got a job offer from Le Mars Gehlen as their new 5th and 6th grade teacher.


And lastly, back up 49 days and I signed a contract with Rock Valley Community Schools as their new 5th grade teacher.


These are all in the past, but all feel so heavy and yet beautiful as I sit in my new apartment trying to figure out this thing called life after college. I’m trying to live in the present, to appreciate this week off before my summer job begins, but the countdown ahead is on…here we go.


Tomorrow I get to experience the Tulip festival for the first time in a decade.


In 5 days I will have my own classroom of 1st grade students for the summer.


In about a week my teaching license should arrive in the mail.


In 11 weeks and 5 days I will show up for my first day as a contracted Rock Valley teacher.


In 7 months and 13 days I will be called bride, then wife, then Mrs. Sexe.


Life. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it scared me. But I’d also be lying if I didn’t tell you that I feel immense peace about all this because I know the one who goes before me, the Lord Jesus Christ, is so much greater than all of these numbers and countdowns and expectations. I am so blessed, and I hope you look at your countdowns with immense peace and thankfulness even though, as I hear and say so often now, “transitions can be hard.”

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One Response to An eventful season of life

  1. Jodi A. says:

    You are blessed:) You are also a blessing and will continue to be a blessing to so many that you encounter in your days, weeks, months, and years ahead!

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