What’s a C-plan?

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I was hired for a full time teaching job back in March/April some time. But I didn’t feel like a teacher until this week. Here’s why:

I now have a teacher email address. And I get zz-staff emails about things like Iowa Core c-plans. Then I do my research in order to figure out what these are. And then I still email asking for help because I cannot figure it out alone.

I have labeled lockers, mailboxes, books, desks, binder tabs, and more in the last 3 days. I realized how snarky I was about alphabetical order when I put the lockers in no order and the mailboxes Z to A. I won’t even try to explain how I ordered names on desks 🙂

I have never met 19 kids but they are on my class list and I could not be any more excited than I already am to meet them. They each matter to me already.

I have felt more at home this week in school than out of it.

The school secretary may just be my new best friend. Or the tech guy. Or the head custodian. Or the superintendent. Or the business manager…

The work room is like Christmas in August–staplers, labels, tape, glue, paper, pencil sharpeners….all helping me stock my classroom.

I’m sure next week when all the teacher’s return it will be a whole new game. But for now, I feel more like a teacher than ever. Please pray that I would be a blessing to my students, their families, and the RV community as I embark on this new adventure.

Just some thoughts…..
Kiersten/AKA Ms. Van Wyhe/AKA Mrs. Sexe (depends on the paperwork what my name is at the school)

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